A safe way for Makers and DiY'ers to control mains ac power with a microcontroller.


16-Channel PWM Controller Board
PN 9000: $39.99 ea
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Provides up to 16 PWM channels of phase control for 120/240vac incandescent/led light string dimming and motor speed control.
  • Program from a user-provided Arduino UNO, Arduino Pro or other microcontroller. 6 pin connections; 5 I/O pins plus one interrupt.
  • Outputs connect directly to up to 16 PowerSSR Tails; one for each independently programmed channel.
  • Each channel provides 4095 steps of voltage control for smooth dim/bright transitions; no flicker.
  • True ac phase control; no ac-to-dc voltage conversion.
  • No exposed mains voltage.
  • One ZeroCross Tail or PSSR/ZC Tail required to generate zero-cross sync pulse.
  • Multiple Interface boards can be used to provide additional channels in 16 channel increments.
  • Also works with our 240vac kits in 50 hz locations.
  • Download  instructions , sample sketch  and  modified TLC5740 library .
  • Demo video .
  • Assembled and tested.

  • DC power requirements: 5vdc @ 50 ma max.
  • Board size: 3.5" x 2.5"
  • Mounting: Four #6 screws on 2.0" x 3.0" grid.

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