A safe way for Makers and DiY'ers to control mains ac power with a microcontroller.


About Us​​

PowerSwitchTail.com, LLC
2910 Kalawao St, #2
​Honolulu, HI 96822
We design and manufacture products for DIY'ers, hobbyists and educators. Many of our past projects involved the control of 120vac devices and appliances by low voltage microcontroller circuits. To eliminate having low voltage and ac power voltages in the same enclosure, we developed the PowerSwitch Tail products. The patented design of the PowerSwitch Tail allows the mains ac voltage to be safely located in a totally enclosed and separate case away from sensitive control circuitry. 
The PowerSwtich Tail II, the PowerState Tail, the PowerSSR Tail and the ZeroCross Tail products provide simple, convenient, safe and economical solutions for many DIY projects.